Handheld dot peen marker - HMG60

HMG 60 is a portable marking pistol with integrated start button in the handle.

Range of application
• Control via standard controller EM100, PC or PCA controller (optional)
• Serial interface
• Suitable for usage in a rough industrial environment


Marking window

2.4“ x 1.4“

Fast gear mode

up to 3.9“/sec.

Marking speed

up to 3 characters/sec.

Repeatable accuracy


Impact frequency

up to 150 Hz

Imprinting force

up to 22.5 lbf

HMG 60 PP with pneumatic dot peen marking head
HMG 60 EP with electric dot peen marking head
HMG 120 marking window 120 x 35 mm

Tool stand with add-on kit

Scope of service
• Free scaling of character height and width
• Marking depth individually adjustable
• Different fonts/special characters/logos