Laser marking system

The new LSM 700 Laser cabin is the ideal entry into professional laser marking - consisting of a laser marking workstation in a compact size with a fiber laser. Its asset is the high lifetime. Air-cooling and the abandonment of consumable materials enable a maintenance-free operation and underline the excellent price - performance ratio.

Range of application
• Marking
• Laser engraving
• Laser cutting


Marking window

4.3" x 4.3"

Wave lenght

1060 - 1085 nm

Pulse frequency

0 - 100 kHz

Operation temperature

32°F - 104°F




39.4" x 29.1" x 37"

Energy consumption

a. 180 W

Rotary device

available in different sizes for marking of cylindrical and polygonal
parts on the circumference

Tool stand

with add-on kit

Stainless steel cover plate

for fully encased operation


electric or pneumatic infeed axis

Performance 10 W, 20 W
Enlarged marking window 7.1“ x 7.1“
Rotator 3.15“
Electromotive lift gate

Basic equipment
• Laser source with 2-axes deflection unit and control board
• USB connection, Networkable
• Lights „Laser active“
• Key switch to activate the laser
• Incl. connector for the extraction and filter system

Scope of service
• Incl. integrated touchscreen PC
• Pre-installed marking software
• Compact tabletop cabin of laser protection class 1
• Window with laser safety class
• Pilot laser for easy setup of layout
• Manual access door with safety switch
• Electr. height extension with measuring scale
• Highest flexibility due to clamping surface with T-Nut/slot plates