Special solutions

In addition to our standard machines we also offer special solutions

Marking machines
We carry a full range of marking machines for dot peening and scribing.
From simple table top markers to fully integrated systems, connected to your production/assembly line.

Marking systems
Marking solutions for system integration for small, medium and large series production e.g. our own machine series of dot peen markers

Laser Marking Systems
Special machines for laser marking, customized standalone machines or integrated as stations in fully automated systems . They are designed for different specific tasks.
The Laser systems are produced according to European and North American regulations and standards.

Handling Systems/Palletizing and Robot Applications
Portal systems, shuttle systems for loading (also for time-critical applications), linear systems for loading and unloading, gantry robot for flexible tasks

Servo Presses
Servo-electrical presses for joining following customers requirements

Screwing and Feeding Systems
Complete solutions including feeding

Assembly and Joining Systems
with force and torque monitoring

Test stands
Leak test, component testing and simulation of the component environment

Measuring Systems
Tactile , 3D , laser
e.g. position measurement or recognition systems, triangulation geometry checking / determination

Vision- and Camerasystems
e.g. installation testing and completeness checks

Conveyor Systems
Interlinkage of complete production lines, roller transfer, plastic plate conveyors, chain conveyor and belt conveyor

Special Purpose Machines (turnkey ready)
Customized standalone machines or as integrated stations in fully automated systems